Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let's Discuss Space Bugs

Tyranid Hive Ship by Zen Master
Rafael Paiva here, and I want to start a little discussion about Space Bugs in this new system.

Even though the Space Bugs are not the main threat to the 40k universe, which revolves around chaotic powers trying to best the faith on The Emperor, I feel that the Space Bugs fill the 'low tier enemy' slot very well. The average Imperial Guard soldier needs an enemy who he can fight for the sole purpose of survival. No fear of corruption, acquiring a mutation or turning evil inside, he is only trying hard not to be what the xeno's having for dinner.

It's an idea that's been used a lot of times, where the humans fight not to be extinct, and it works. We see it in zombie movies, terminator, falling skies, post-apoc scenarios, they all use this premise, and they all have success using it because it appeals to us all. At least to me, I don't want to die so I cheer for the good guys (well, when they aren't idiots that deserve to die lol).

So, in order to establish a fight for survival, we have the bug, who suffers with the eternal munchies, and humans, defending their home, lives and dreams from being turned into biological matter.

So, how should the bugs feel like in order to give us the same 'I have to live' feeling? Or, in a different aspect, should the fluff aspect be completely purged from gaming design when writing our space bug army stats?

We can't use the original fluff, obviously, but we can use something rather similar. No name calling, no bio-matter eating hive ships, just raw eternal hunger for destruction. Subjugated planets become infested pits containing endless waves of ever-hungry xenomorphs.

IMO, the new space fungus don't have to be connected to an all-seeing mind, but if they are, bonuses should be present.

The current scheme is very harmful to a bug army, and we are subjected to unbalanced penalties with no bonuses to compensate.

While in synapse range, we have the USR fearless, and we can control our models the way we see fit. That's is. On the other hand, If they are out of synapse range, we have to check to see if we can control the unit the way we see fit, and if the check fails, even some abilities that shouldn't be modified suffer (hive guard's no LOS shooting).

The way synapse should work is the way Tervigons work. They can give bonuses to certain units if they are at a certain distance, but if they die they will harm those units. Also, the Tyrant's auras are a good example of synapse powers.

What I think the new Space Bugs should have:

- Quality hoard units;
- Strong use of Synapse auras but w/o the penalty of turning the bugs dumb if away from it;
- Genestealer's cult should come back.

So, what's your input on Space Bugs? From names to general concept ideas, let us know if I'm on the right path to what you think it's a balanced xenomorph army.

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