Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Table Size?

Cerebus The Last Supper by Chris Samnee
ColKg brought up a good point in the comments to my last post. We need to discuss what our regulation table sizes will be at various point levels.

40K is usually played on a 6'x4' table. While that's fine for a 1500 point game, it does get a little crowded as you get closer to 2000 points. If we're going to be a competition-focused system, we need to specify what size of table goes with what size of game.

So I'll throw these sizes out there for comment, based on 40K point levels:

750 - 1250 points: 4' x 4'
1251 - 1750 points: 6' x 4'
1751 - 2250 points: 8' x 4'
2250+: Not officially supported for competition.



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