Friday, March 15, 2013

Another Visibility Option

Here's another refinement that might strike the right balance for our visibility system. This time, each range band is a multiple of the short range.

So this is what I was suggesting, with each band being a doubling of the band before it:

Problem? It's a little too forgiving for concealed targets. For Guard-on-Guard, they're hitting on 6's at 24" through woods. Meh...

So here's another take. Where each band is a multiple of the short range.

So procedurally, you're starting at 24" and halving your short range for every level of concealment. Then you multiply the short range for each range bracket. So the 2nd bracket (+1 Ev) is 2x SR, the 3rd bracket is 3x SR, etc.

Here it is on the table. The doubling system's to-hit value is marked on the green die. This new multiplying system is marked with the red die.

The new system (red) has a nice granularity close-up, and gets harder to hit with sooner for concealed shots.

At longer ranges, the effect is nice too. Models in the clear can still be hit on 6's past 48". While GtG models get to 6+6 sooner. It strikes a nice balance between what I was originally suggesting and Krox's idea.

Problem is, it's a more complex chart, and a less intuitive sequence to remember. Is it too complex? You tell me.

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