Sunday, May 5, 2013

Still Here... Still Working... Here's A Teaser...

No, I haven't died or been hit by a bus. I'm just working on the LoS/Visibility rules. Which I want to complete all in one go, instead of dribbling them out in disconnected pieces that we hash over uselessly. It's taking some time.

Since I've kept falling down on the apply-the-cool-ideas-to-actual-terrain end, I'm now starting with the terrain LoS stuff first, and then I'll finesse the cool ideas around them.

This change in strategy has led to some stunningly simple insights for how to do LoS around hills and area terrain visually in 3D, rather than the endlessly complicated 2D terrain rules we had been discussing. Plus, some interesting ideas about how visibility really should work in and around woods/hills, as I've gone back to the military manuals for inspiration.

It's up to eleven pages so far, with 18 photos and illustrations, and I'm only about 2/3rds of the way through it. Most of the time this is taking is due to the many graphics that I need to clearly explain things. For the majority of these rules, the introductory text is far longer than the rules themselves. Since, AFAIK, some of these concepts have never been seen in a tabletop wargame before.

Here's a couple of teaser pages (click to enlarge):

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