Thursday, November 14, 2013

Indefinite Hold

The blog's been quiet for a while now; and now that I finally have a bit of time to write, I feel like I owe everyone an explanation. Long story short... I'm currently buried in family responsibilities. Forcing me to put the development of WarStrike on hold while I deal with them.

Three weeks ago I started getting calls from police and friends in the city where my parents live. Without going into too much detail, my parents were very not-well, and their house had become unlivable to the point that I had to bring them up to Indy to live with me. If you've seen the show "Hoarders", you'll know how they were living. I got a sinus infection on my first trip down to get them, and now I won't enter the house I grew up in without wearing a respirator. The dust and mold are that bad.

This is one of the cleaner rooms in the old house.
So I'm currently spending 98% of my time taking care of them AND my 3 boys. Which involves full meals, help with meds, going over their financials in detail, finding them long-term assisted care, arranging the cleanup/sale of TWO houses, and generally just paying attention to their day-to-day condition in a way nobody has for years. Every other day I discover some new problem they've been hiding/ignoring that requires a new trip to the doctor.

This is on top of my wife's health problems, and my own. In short, 3 of the 4 adults in the house are going to have surgery before the end of the year. Amidst everything else we have to do.

So at the end of the day, I get maybe 1/2 hour to myself. My one night out a week to game is now spent playing X-Wing, because I can just buy the ships and use them without having to assemble/paint anything first, and there's always someone willing to play it at the store.

My enthusiasm for WarStrike has not diminished, and I will be working on the rules when I can, health/sanity permitting. But I have to be honest and admit that I'm going to be too busy to do much on it until probably February or March of next year.

Which sucks... But it is what it is. :(

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