Monday, May 12, 2014

New Movement Chapter: Part 4

On to part 4. Half of page 48 was included in the last post. But that still leaves 1.5 pages of new building rules. The next 2 pages will discuss burning terrain and movement around other units.

The "sections' thing is going to appear all over the rules, right now we're just talking about movement. But here's some other ideas that will work their way into other chapters:

Who Can Be Shot At?

Model positions in regard to openings are indicated by them overlapping the exterior edge of the section cards. In the approximate position of the actual opening. This obviously requires some player agreement on who is where, and at what opening. But assuming that the players communicate their intentions, it should work well enough.

Anyway, direct-fire weapons can only hit models they can see at an opening. Though I am toying with the idea of allowing larger weapons to penetrate the building, with a random chance of hitting someone in that section. Something like roll a D6, if you roll <= the number of models in that section, you hit someone.

Blast/flame weapons would hit everyone in a section, assuming they hit the opening they're fired at, or penetrate the building's walls. Large blasts would also hit every section touching the one originally hit. Huge blasts could just hit everyone on that level and any sections directly above or below the one hit.

How Are Buildings Destroyed?

I'm thinking that buildings would be destroyed section-by-section. Which would avoid them becoming too much of a death trap to flame/blast weapons. Which is why nobody used them in 5th Edition 40K. They were more of a deathtrap than the transports were.


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