Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rolling Armor Saves: Part I

Moving right along... Here's the next page and a half of shooting rules. This time covering Armor Saves. 

Don't worry, the next page will have a bunch of visual examples for the rules on page 66. :)

The take-away is that you only have to allocate hits when the targeted unit has mixed armor values, which should be rare. Only way for it to really happen currently is for a character to join a unit, or maybe (thinking aloud here) for another unit to be too close to the target (and thus be forced to share hits).

Wound allocation will still be the super-simple roll-2-dice system. Roll over a 7 on either and you can pick your opponent's first casualty. Roll over 7 on both, and you can remove the leader. Will probably say that with mixed AR units that you can only pick one model from either Armor group.


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