Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ballistic Skill: Do We Need It?

Ok, I keep going back and forth on this, so I'm just going to ask: Do we really need a separate Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill for each model?

Looking through 3 different editions of 40K rulebooks, I can't find more than a handful of cases where a model's BS and WS differed by more than a single point, and most of those were to give the model a BS or WS of zero to indicate that it couldn't shoot/punch anything. But stuff like this could be handled in the stats and rules of a ranged or melee weapon. No weapon listed of that type, no attack.

On the other hand, it's familiar, and lets us clearly separate a model's ranged and melee abilities in the stat-line and in our balancing equations.

But on the other hand, melee seems to be less important overall in our game than it is in 40K...

Dunno. But I am trying like hell to reduce the number of model stats from 9 to 7, and I dislike the incongruity between "Weapon" and "Ballistic" as qualifiers for "Skill". But I also don't want to change "Weapon Skill" To something like "Melee Skill".

What do you all think?

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