Sunday, July 22, 2018

Quick Update: Rules Done, Speed Painting Underway

We're now at the week-and-a-half mark before Gencon. I finished up the rules for the next pre-alpha last Wednesday, but I'm holding back on releasing it for now. First because I'm busy painting up minis and terrain for GenCon, and second because I want to work up some generic unit and weapon stat-lines for the major factions. Since some of you have commented that you can't test the rules with the models you have. That's fair.

It's also possible that I might also make some minor rules tweaks based on GenCon test feedback. But as it stands, I consider the current rules to be pretty darn tight.

As for the test minis... I'm doing the opposing forces in tan and green, like traditional army men. :) The tan force will be more firepower-heavy, and the green force will be faster moving with two squads of jump infantry. Each force will have 1 extra squad than needed for the 4' x 4' test table, but that will give me flexibility in balancing or unbalancing the forces for each successive test.

I'm painting up both to a minimum 3-color standard with 2 layers of dry brushed shading on the primary color for each. The bases will be color-coded by squad to make keeping track of who's who easier for the players.

Tan force is ready for detail coloring.

Green force needs one more quick dry brush layer.


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