Monday, December 31, 2012

Rules: Model Characteristics (Ver. 0.5)

Here's the updated Model Characteristics descriptions. You'll notice I've dropped 'Push Back'. It was a clumsy stat that never quite fit, and I think that we can get along without it using a combination of Close Combat hits received and a special rule for models and equipment that should boost the combat result.
Model Characteristics
Now that we’ve covered the four Unit Characteristics. It’s time to move on to the seven Characteristics that define what a particular model within a unit can do.
The 8 Model Characteristics are:
1.    Ballistic Skill (BS)
2.    Evasion (Ev)
3.    Armor (Ar)
4.    Toughness (To)
5.    Attacks (Atk)
6.    Weapon Skill (WS)
7.    Strength (St)
Certain rules or wargear may modify a unit’s characteristics during the game. Thus these characteristics might have 1 or more points either added to, or subtracted from, their characteristic during a particular test. The characteristic may even be multiplied or divided. However these modifications may never take a characteristic value below zero.
If a rule causes a unit’s characteristics to be doubled or halved, this change is always applied before any other modifiers are added or subtracted.
Ballistic Skill (BS)
A model’s Ballistic Skill represents it’s ability to hit a target using it’s ranged weapons. Such as a pistol or rifle.
Evasion (Ev)
A model’s Evasion characteristic represents it’s ability to avoid being hit by enemy ranged weapons. Whether by hugging terrain as it moves, waiting for enemies to reload before sprinting across open ground, or exotic technological means such as adaptive camouflage or interference with their enemy’s thinking processes.
Armor (Ar)
Most models will wear armor of some sort as protection from enemy weapons. Whether it’s the simple helmet and flak jacket of an infantryman, or a fully-enclosing suit of power armor.
A model’s Armor characteristic then, represents the ability of their armor to deflect an incoming shot.
Toughness (To)
A model’s toughness represents it’s ability of to resist damage from enemy weapons. A shot might penetrate a model’s armor, for instance, yet do so little damage that it has no effect on the model’s ability to continue fighting.
Models with an especially high toughness might have extra internal ‘backup’ organs, bionic enhancements, or regeneration powers that allow them to shrug off all but the strongest, most damaging hits.
Attacks (Atk)
The Attacks characteristic represents how quickly a model can potentially deliver a series of damaging blows in the Melee of Close Combat. Models with a high number of attacks will usually be carrying purpose-made Melee weapons such as swords, bio-tech enhancements to their natural reflexes, or natural melee weapons such as multiple limbs with attached claws.
Weapon Skill (WS)
A model’s Weapon Skill represents it’s ability to actually land a damaging blow in close combat against a resisting enemy. As well as their own ability to dodge and/or parry an opponent’s blows.
Strength (St)
Should a model land a blow successfully in Melee, it’s Strength will determine how likely it is to maim or kill it’s opponent.

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