Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Unit Card Revamp

Here's what I'm working on for a re-vamp of the unit cards.

Stats on unit (not weapons) reflect upcoming changes.

You'll notice that the space for unit cost/upgrades is gone. In favor of a much-needed unit portrait for quickly identifying cards on the table. Downside is that I have to draw these. :(

I've dropped Ld as a stat. This will be standardized as follows:
  • Units without leaders get 1 Ld die.
  • Units with leaders get 2 Ld dice.
  • Officers get 3 Ld dice.
'Throw' is being dropped, in favor of a standard grenade range.

I feel like I need to clean up the Melee section, but can't figure out what to drop. WS+ maybe. But I chaffe at the idea of swords hitting on the same roll as fists.

Am thinking of adding an 'initiative' stat for melee weapons. So that if you consolidate into a model with a lower initiative, you get to swing in melee instead of waiting until your next round.


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