Saturday, July 27, 2013

Concept: Skylining

Admiral Drax had an interesting comment on the LoS rules I posted...

Hi, SandWyrm - you asked for some thoughts...

Other than how much I enjoyed your thoroughness, I've just one, really:

Have you thought about skylining? It's easy to have a model (or imagined figure) perched at the apex of a hill firing down, but the fact that the model is silhouetted or 'skylined' against the horizon of the hill makes him a prime target: no amount of clever helmet camouflage will eradicate the risk completely!

In a past life I was an artillery observer and when on hillsides we always strove to be in cover on the facing slope rather than on the reverse slope mostly for this reason. If nothing else, the blood which rushes to your head whilst lying downhill does at least keep you alert...

- Drax.

I've thought about skylining quite a bit, but doing that properly would require taking the terrain behind the target into account as well. While differentiating between the actual and military crests risks causing too many headaches on what would be very small hills in real life.

Of the two, skylining is more doable. But I don't know how much your average player would want to deal with that concept.

What's everyone else think?

(BTW: Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been dealing with a nasty health issue that I'm hoping to have resolved soon. Between that and my kids not being in school, I've had very little time/energy to work on stuff.)

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