Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rules: Shooting Intro & Finding A Target (Ver. 0.57)

With My Lethal Eye; Steve Mitchell
Here's the first 4 pages of the Shooting Chapter. Which define some key terms, and integrate Visibility, Cover, and Gone To Ground with the LoS rules I posted last month. It should now be apparent, after reading this, how the full LoS/Visibility system works.

Link Via Dropbox...

These 4 pages end with the basic LoS test. I'm going to break up the 11 pages of previously written LoS rules into more discrete sections, and clean up their wording so that it's consistent with some of the terms defined here.

Now that I've finally completed the writing (and re-writing) of the hard stuff, progress should speed up. Since most everything else in this chapter is pretty well established already in terms of in-game process.  We're not going to be trying to change how the armor saves or toughness tests work until after the first version of the rules is done.


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