Friday, September 25, 2015

New Assault Phase, Part 1B

God! Has it really been 2 months since my last rules post? Been dealing with a lot of crap since then. From my parents' worsening conditions and their moves to separate living areas (with dramas), to a relative dying, a slew of emergency home repairs, and a hundred other little annoying things.

But today was peaceful and quiet (for once), and so I dove back into the assault chapter at last. Reading through what I'd written 2 months ago, I was surprised at how well it seemed to fit together (glaring typos aside), so I didn't go quite as radical with the changes as I'd talked about a few posts back.

Let's run through the basic sequence:

1) Select An Assaulting Unit

Pretty much the same as it was before. Units will still have to declare themselves as assaulting in the Action Phase if they want to act in the Assault Phase.

2) Select An Assault Order

Same orders as before, with some wording tweaks.

3) Resolve Charges

If your unit isn't engaged, then it may charge. If your unit is still engaged (because everyone's moral checks tied), you get to counter-charge (consolidate).

The next page will describe who can charge, and how Officers can be used to let multiple units charge at once.

4) Roll Melee Attacks

Units charging or hit by a charge will do their melee attacks in reverse initiative order.

5) Roll Melee Armor Saves

Same as Shooting Phase. Mostly.

6) Remove Melee Casualties

Same as Shooting Phase. Mostly.

7) Roll Morale

Each unit rolls their current initiative, plus their LD, plus D6. The loser falls back as if they selected that order. In the case of a tie, those units remain engaged.

8) Select The Next Assaulting Unit


That's the rough outline, though of course it may change a bit as I nail down specifics.


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