Sunday, May 20, 2018

New D10 Rolling Overview

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Some of the die-rolling mechanics have caused a bit of confusion for testers, particularly the concept of rolling low with one or all dice. So I've pulled all of the test definitions out of the turn sections, and put them all together in the "WarStrike Basics" introductory section. So that there's one place for a player to go to compare how the various tests work.

This now finishes the revamps of all 7 sections of the "WarStrike Basics" chapter. Which includes:
  1. How To Read These Rules
  2. What You'll Need To Play
  3. Overview of Play
  4. Models & Units
  5. Weapons
  6. All The Ways You'll Roll A D10
  7. Observation
I'll now be moving on to the Turn Chapter, which now only contains four sections. One each for the Movement, Action, Melee, and End Phases. Melee is pretty much done already, but I've got a few dozen little rules tweaks and a couple of shifts of certain rules (like reserve arrival) from one section to another.

I'm planning on having the revamped Pre-ALpha rules (minus any fluff) out in PDF to the local testers this week. Then I'll get the basic faction descriptions done, and move on to miniature assembly/painting for the demos at Gencon. I've been using a lot of GW models to test with, but I can't present the game at Gencon using anything but the 3rd Party models that I've been given explicit permission to use.


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