Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The New End Phase (Used To Be The Starting Phase)

Finished up the new End Phase yesterday. What's different?

It features new, more Sci-Fi images (no more green army men) and fewer rules. The latter being possible because the rules for the actual tests involved were moved into the basics section.

You might notice that almost of the rules for rolling for, and placing reserves have been moved here. Instead of being split between here and the Movement Phase. As was the "Battlefield Promotion" rule. In fact, most of the reason for shifting this phase from the start of the turn to the end was to prevent reserves from entering at all on turn 1. Plus the fact that it covered a lot of things that you wouldn't need to do until after the first turn was done anyway.


Find me some typos!

Also, tell me if you don't like something! Really, I can take it. This game wouldn't be as good as it is if I didn't cut out the bad ideas based on feedback.


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