Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our New Logo

SandWyrm here. I knocked this out today. What do you think?

(Edit - Added the following to address MasterSlowPoke's concerns.)

Everything in the logo has a purpose. :)

The Phoenix represents rebirth and evolution. It's two-headed because that sets it apart from every other phoenix out there and clearly defines our efforts as an evolution and improvement of the game we used to love. That love is shown in the heart shape formed by the necks of the Aquila.

The more angular wings at the bottom, and their broken, stone-like texture represents both the past and the confines of the old ways of thinking. They're also meant to evoke the game that we once loved, but clearly show that we intend to move forward and improve beyond it's limitations. For the phoenix's wings are much larger and more expansive than what they're replacing.

The entire logo is shaped like a butterfly. Because this beautiful vision of ours will only come to pass if we do the work to break out of the cocoon stage.

The imagery also represents the battle inherent in the themes of our fictional world. That of ultimate freedom vs. ultimate oppression.

From an infringment standpoint, there's no reason at all that we can't use a 2-headed bird. The symbol itself was used as far back as Roman times to symbolize strength, farsightedness, and immortality. This Wiki page has dozens of examples of both single and 2-headed eagle crests:

What we can't do is copy GW's Warhammer 40,000 logo, because they've trademarked it's precise form.

GW's Trademarked Warhammer 40,000 Logo
Librarium Online got in trouble a couple of years back because their logo incorporated part of the 40K logo. They surrounded it with new imagery, but the Aquila they used was an exact copy of GW's trademark. That was a clear case of infringement under the law.

But look at our logo again. The lower wings are NOT copied from GW's trademark at all. They are different in both general and specific shaping. The number of 'feathers' on each wing is different (5 to GW's 9), as is their spacing, spread, and connection to the body of the phoenix.

We've therefore evoked their imagery, which is fine and serves a specific purpose as a statement about who we are. But we have not stolen their design. Not one bit.

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