Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reworking Vehicle Damage

SandWyrm here. I've got some thoughts on how to re-work vehicle damage.

Right now 40K uses the following sequence when shooting at vehicles:

1) Roll To Hit
2) Roll To Penetrate
3) Roll For Damage
The sucky part is that last step. As what happens to the vehicle is completely random. It might be dead, it might lose a weapon, or it might be shaken/stunned. This gives you detail at the expense of any sort of reliability. That Rhino might die right away, or it might suck up 10 hits before it goes down.

Flames of War follows this sequence:
1) Roll To Hit
2) Roll To Penetrate (done as a variable armor save)
3) If Glanced, Roll Firepower To Stun (Bail). Failed Rolls Do Nothing.
4) If Penetrated, Roll Firepower To Kill. Failed Rolls Stun Instead.
It's quick, easy, and reliable. But I would like a bit more detail at the larger 28mm scale.
In particular, I want to include some of the feeling I get from playing World of Tanks. Where even hits that don't do a lot in the way of damage can temporarily knock out key systems. But you're never permanently immobilized or weaponless.

So how about:
1) Roll To Hit
2) Roll To Penetrate
3) If No Glance/Pin, Roll Firepower Test To 'Shake' (Can't Shoot). Failed Tests Do Nothing.
4) If Glanced, Roll Firepower Test To 'Stun' (Can't Move Or Shoot). Failed Tests 'Shake'.
5) If Penetrated, Roll Firepower Test To 'Destroy' (Wrecked), Failed Tests 'Stun'.
You can imagine 'Shaken' being a temporary weapon destroyed, and a stun as being a temporary immobilization. This would give low penetration weapons with a high firepower (explosive) rating a way to suppress enemy armor without necessarily killing them. Shaking a vehicle multiple times wouldn't destroy it, but you could maybe force them to fall back or something.

And I'm thinking that 'Armored' monsterous creatures would act the same way.


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