Monday, April 30, 2012

Where Shall The Imperial Capital Be?

Star Tours Corsucant; Disney
SandWyrm here. Canageek had an interesting comment to the post on our universe's setting that we ought to consider.
"I love the idea of separate religious and political centers; perhaps one controls the holy knights, while the other controls the military, thus explaining the conflicts between them?

However, Alpha Centari is a binary or possibly a trinary system that is rather unlikely to have habitual planets. Also, it, along with the name Terra are overused in Science Fiction. A very quick troll over Wikipedia gives Epsilon Eridani as a better target; Very similar to the sun, 2 possible planets. However, these mean and earthlike planet is unlikely, but the planets we think are there are so tentative that I think we can ignore that."

I chose Alpha Centauri because I could make a cool name out of it. "Crown of Centauri" and all of that. But hey, let's discuss it!

Here's another image from NASA that shows our local neighborhood of stars. Which one should we pick? The better known ones would be recognizable to the more astronomically educated members of our game's audience. But we could just as easily pick one that's still an ID number and re-name it. Constantinople has changed names enough times in 1000 years. So anything goes when we're talking about the 42nd Millenium.

It doesn't really matter to me, so I'll bow out and let Oblivion referee. But check out the systems and let us know which one you think has the resources to make a rich capital planet or ring orbital. Let's get in there and compare number of planets, etc.

NASA has some data on that if you look. Ready, set, go!

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