Thursday, September 27, 2012

6' x 4' Tables, Scale, And Seconds Per Turn

Gulliver's Travels, John Walker
Here's some more stuff on scale that I've been working out. Such as... How big is a 6' x 4' table in 28mm scale anyway? And how far/fast are our little plastic soldiers really moving?

First up, table size:

 So 256' x 384'. An American football field is 159' x 300'. While soccer fields run about 180' x 300'.
 So that's really not a lot of room for a battle.

How far can an average man walk/run/sprint in 28mm?

The scaled result (x 0.432) is to normalize the movement distances with the curved range of the 9mm pistol from my weapons post showing realistic 28mm ranges. Using these values would mean that our movement is linearly scaled down, while our ranges are curved down.

When I normalize sprinting to about 12", a normal run will get you about 6". So we'll stick with the traditional numbers. I'm thinking that we might, with the bubble-movement system, also let leaders/squads move 3" without a shooting penalty for anything but heavy weapons.

What's more interesting is the time scale. The traditional 6' move or 12' run happens in about 7 seconds. This should inform our choices about rates of fire on weapons. I'm also thinking that heavy weapons should perhaps have to reload after a volley of shots. Or digging in should be either cumulative in it's effects, or... that your chances of digging in should be very small at first but then get better over time.


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