Monday, September 24, 2012

Reworking Suppression

Madonna With A Machine-Gun, Karlis Padegs
So I've gotten some ideas on reworking suppression a bit.

Here's a general outline:
  1. You get a suppression marker for each hit you take from a volley of fire.
  2. If you have no markers, your orders/actions just happen.
  3. If you have one or more markers, you have to roll a Ld test to perform an action.
  4. Ld tests are 1 die per Ld point, must roll under Nerve/Morale on at least one to pass.
  5. Each marker after the first reduces Nv/Morale by 1 point.
  6. If you pass a test to perform an action, it removes one marker.
  7. At least one available action would allow you to remove 1 marker per passed die on Ld test. But you would do nothing else.
  8. If your unit is reduces to Nv/Morale zero (4 markers at Nv 3), then you have to fall back.
  9. Being dug-in could boost morale as well as protection for a unit.
  10. No automatic removal of unit for failing a Ld check after falling back. Unless they are below a certain percentage.
  11. Heroes could boost Ld and marker removal for successful Ld checks.

Coupled with this,  I'm thinking of adapting a good idea I heard about and allowing un-hitable  targets to always be hit on 6's followed by another 6. Possibly with a "Spray" stat or other mechanic for weapons that would control what the second die roll would need to be. The idea being that certain weapons are better at "Spray And Pray" than others.

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