Monday, October 1, 2012

Close Combat Thoughts

Boxing 01, Miki De Goodaboom
Time to get the discussion rolling about close combat.

So here's my idea for a sequence. It's kind of Flames-ish, so I'd like to see if it can be improved.

  1. The assaulting unit moves into contact with an enemy unit.
  2. The enemy unit gets defensive fire. Suppression and smoke can make this less effective.
  3. After defensive fire, the assaulting unit gets to attack. Which is very shooting-like.
    • Roll To Hit
    • Divide Hits (exact method TBD, as for shooting) according to Strength/Toughness.
    • Defender Rolls Armor Saves; removes dead models.
  4. Defender rolls a Ld check to continue combat, if passed, he attacks.
  5. Attacker then rolls a Ld check to continue, if passed, he attacks.
  6. ...And so on until someone breaks or all of their models are killed.
  7. Winner consolidates 6".
  8. Loser must get 2" away or those models are lost.
  9. Loser takes any morale checks for losing X% of his unit's models.
  10. Winner removes all suppression markers. Loser gains at least 1.

Note that yes, combats would continue back and forth until they are resolved decisively. There will be no continuing combats over multiple turns.

To try and avoid the Flames of War problem of having to roll each model's attacks and saves individually, which takes forever; I want to pool the damage and let the defender remove whoever he likes with priority on models that in base-to-base contact with the enemy. Much like shooting, we could have a mechanic where for every 1 the defender rolls on his saves, you can roll a die. On a 6, you can then allocate the wound instead of the defender.


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