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Laansarmie Datafiles: The Gruin

Half Orc by kolokas
O_N here (and SandWyrm), writing up what we've got on the Gruin. I've decided to get a little experimental and present it as a Datafile. :)

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LO> Inquire Gruin

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LO> **********

Thank you! Retrieving Record...

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Fungasoida Violentia Orcada

VULGATE: Gruin, Grün, Greenskins, Orcas, Orcs


The Gruin are mutated humans, altered by the consumption of an alien fungus (Basidiomycota Orcada). Consumption of which causes delusions and physical and mental alterations that eventually throws the consumer into a state of uncontrollable rage.

Citizens in affected areas are advised to avoid unknown foodstuffs, and to report any friends or family members who have demonstrated the early warning signs of fungus consumption (talking to themselves, sudden shifts in behavior, etc).


Any talk of Gruin organizing into armies or raiding fleets are to be disregarded as vicious rumors.

No known organization of Orcada sufferers in groups larger than 28 members has ever been recorded. These unsubstantiated stories are thought to be based on simple civilian misunderstandings of poorly documented military encounters with well-known Xenos pirate races such as the Sorr and Bikarsi, whose behavior is often broadly similar to the viciousness shown by the small mobs of Orcada affected humans that most civilians will be familiar with from newsfeeds. These mob actions are the exception, however. As most Gruin attacks happen in mobs of 3 affected persons or fewer.


LO> Request Additional Information Gruin

Additional Information is restricted to Laansarmie TAC-1 clearance and above.

Please enter your TAC-1 pass-phrase to continue.

LO> ********************

Clearance Confirmed. Retrieving Record...


Beware. The Gruin are a significantly greater threat than the declassified records would indicate. as they are more than capable of significant organization and coordination. Captured worlds are often converted to the manufacturing of relatively simple, but effective, ballistic weaponry and starships, which are then used to conquer other worlds. Once the Gruin have overrun a world, they are extremely difficult to dislodge, so the highest priority is given to eliminating Gruin "insurgencies" as quickly as possible.

From a military perpsective, the Gruin are extremely dangerous, due to their complete lack of regard for their own survival. Gruin make significant use of suicide bombers, as well as other suicide weaponry such as "lunge mines" (anti-armor charges on the end of short shafts, for use in melee).

Additional information on the Gruin is available only on a Need-To-Know basis for officers with a STRATEGIC LEVEL 3 Clearance or higher.

LO> Request Additional Information SL-3

Please enter SL-3 clearance pass-phrase to continue.

LO> ********************

Clearance Confirmed.

[Recording User Image And Location...]

WARNING!: The following information is classified as a Class 7 Info-hazard. Simply reading this information will place both your body and soul at mortal risk. Both prior, and in addition to, any official Laansarmie or Church of Man sanctions that may follow.

Do you wish to continue and risk Damnation?


[Recording Your Access With COM Inquisition Record Server...]

WARNING!: By choosing to continue, you agree to fully cooperate with all measures deemed necessary to keep this information secret, up to, and including, self-termination. For the continuation of the Republic, the Church, and the entire Race of Man.

Do you accept this responsibility and wish to continue?

LO> y

[Contacting INQ Verification Center]

Please wait...

Access Witnessed And Granted. Witness verification #S3498666-7.

Retrieving Record...


Forget what you think you know about the Gruin.

The truth is that they are created from humans, not by the action of an infectious fungal agent (a necessary fiction created to protect the lower ranks from the truth), but by the willing submission of the persons affected to an alien influence, or presence, known as the 'Vorra'. We do not know, as yet, whether the Vorra constitute a race of separate alien entities, or whether they are but individual aspects of a single, larger entity. But they manifest themselves as a glowing apparition amongst the Gruin and their 'recruits'. These can often be seen in battle as the Vorra flit about from place-to-place, directing the battle down to the most minute detail.

We have attempted many times to contact the Vorra, with no record of success. They 'speak', if you can call it that, only to their followers. All others receive the mad fury of the Gruin in response.

As long as you remain loyal to the Laansarmie and the Blessed Salvation, given us all, by the grace of the Prophets, you will never hear their voice. Nor, lest they speak to you, need you fear any physical harm from their manifestations. Though you should not discuss secrets or plans within 100m of a Vorra manifestation.


The Vorra always appear as a glowing, floating apparition. Looking somewhat like a cross between a jellyfish and the ancient symbol of an Ankh.


The Gruin refer to themselves as the Puerii-Vorra (Servants of the Vorra), or simply Puerii. They have little in the way of hierarchical leadership, apart from the Vorra. As any of their number who shows the slightest inclination for critical thought is usually torn apart by his fellows at the direction of a Vorra the moment they express it. Thus you may see the equivalent of sergeants in their forces, but very few higher sorts of 'officers'. Value your salvation soldier! For the Vorra despise the freedoms our Prophets give us to think clearly and ask questions of them!


A Gruin infestation begins with the Vorra mentally contacting one or more aspirants. This is accomplished through a manifestation and a voice that only the aspirants themselves can hear. These initial contacts are tasked with spreading the 'Word of The Vorra', and recruiting other potential converts. With the intention of eventually staging an open revolt against Republic and/or Church authority.

After a significant period of force-gathering and preparation, all converts undergo subtle physiological changes (most notably, their skin taking on a green tint), and begin an overt revolt, often accompanied by an invasion of off-world Gruin in support of their fellows. It is at this point that the larger manifestations begin as the spirit of the target population breaks.

If the revolt/invasion cannot be put down before the spirit of the targeted population breaks, there is no saving the affected planet or orbital. The weakest among them will submit. The others will be torn apart by the Gruin. Be vigilant!

As of this time, there are no known instances of unsuccessful contacts of aspirants. The Vorra only 'speak' to those they know to already be loyal to them. It is for this reason that you must not share any knowledge of the Vorra; either with your own troops or the general public. Lest the weakest minds among them actually long for submission to this alien abomination, and offer themselves up as servants. Research by the LA Bureau of Personnel has indicated that between two and five percent of any collection of Republic citizens would be receptive to such an idea.

You therefore must NEVER mention the name of the Vorra to any officer beneath the rank of Major. You must also never, under any circumstances, talk of them to any enlisted man, citizen, slave, or borg. Not even in battle.


If contacted by a Vorra, or if you hear any voices thought to be of Vorra origin, you are required to report the contact to your Company Inquisition Officer. If your CIO is unavailable, you are required to terminate your own command by lethal force.


There are no acceptable mentions of the Vorra by name. None whatsoever.

If asked about the manifestations seen by your men in a combat zone, you are to ascribe them to Colseran trickery, and warn against discussing plans in their presence. Do not dwell on, or speculate about their nature in conversation. It is also imperative that you use no consistent name for the manifestations when you speak of them. Whatever you call the manifestations in one hour, choose another name at random when you mention them the next. Lest you give the weak-minded a name with which to call damnation down upon themselves, their fellows, and their officers. No example aliases are provided for this reason. Simply make them up as you need them.


To prevent the spreading of general knowledge concerning the Vorra, it is Laansarmie policy to forbid all transfers, reassignments, and evacuations of exposed personnel out of an affected combat zone.

Exemptions are available for officers of Major rank or higher who are willing to submit to a standard interrogation, torture, post-torture observation, and mind-wipe procedure. All such requests are subject to the discretion of the Battalion Prophet. Contact your company Prophet for details.


Rumors of a Prophet converted to the slave-service of the Vorra are completely unfounded, and are likely the result of Colseran attempts to undermine our unity through their usual methods of trickery. These rumors are to be ignored, and those who spread them reported to your CIO. If your CIO is unavailable, you are to terminate the individual(s) yourself using lethal force.

End of File

Additional information on these topics is available only on a Need-To-Know basis for Prophets (7th Circle) or officers with a STRATEGIC LEVEL 12 Clearance or higher.

LO> Request Additional Information SL12

Please enter your SL-12 clearance pass-phrase to continue.

LO> ***************

Clearance Denied.

Please remain where you are. An Inquisition representative will be with you shortly for assistance.


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