Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stats On The New Wounding System

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Oh happy day! I figured out how to write my own custom functions in Excel with Visual Basic! This simplifies things VASTLY for tests with logical conditions. :)

Following on from my last post, here's some tables and charts of the probabilities that you'll kill a target with a particular toughness with a single penetration using the damage system I'm proposing.

This is an outline of the entire shooting sequence as I'm thinking about it right now:

I)     Attacker Rolls To Hit
a.     Compare BS to Evasion To Determine To-Hit Roll (Ev – BS + 4)
b.     +1 Ev for Minimum or Maximum Range
c.     +1 Ev for Concealed
d.     +1 Ev for Gone-To-Ground
e.     -1 Ev for Exposed targets

II)  Defender Rolls Saving Throws
a.     Compare Armor Penetration (AP) to either Armor Value (AV) or Cover Value (CV), whichever is highest.
b.     CV = Evasion + Modifiers (All modifiers are very preliminary)
                                               i.     -2 CV for targets moving At-The-Double
                                             ii.     +1 CV for concealment by woods, hedges, or fences
                                            iii.     +1 CV for target being in a higher position than shooter
                                            iv.     -1 CV for target being in a lower position than shooter
                                             v.     +2 CV for concealment by brick/stone walls, ruins, or being dug-in
                                            vi.     +3 CV for concealment in buildings
                                          vii.     +4 CV for concealment in bunkers

This last part is what we're going to concentrate on during this post.

III)         Attacker Rolls To Kill
a.     Each weapon has a set Firepower rating (1+ through 6+).
b.     For each penetrating hit, roll 1 die for each Toughness point of target.
                                               i.     +1 Toughness for being Concealed in ruins or dug-in.
c.     You must roll equal to, or over, Firepower on all toughness dice to kill target.
d.     For multiple penetrations, roll a number of dice equal to Toughness of target x total pens. For every T successes, one target model is dead.
e.     If Toughness is zero, target is always dead.

Ok, so we have an idea. If your target's toughness is 2, you roll 2 dice and hope to roll Firepower or better on both. Let's see what the odds look like:

Yes, none of the rounded 0.000 results are actually zero, but they might as well be for our purposes.
I like those curves! As O_N suggested, we'll make unarmored infantry T0 (auto-killed) unless they're dug in somewhere, like ruins, where digging them out should be harder. Standard Knights can be T1.

I'm also thinking that Regeneration could simply let you discard X successful results. Thereby requiring multiple hits to kill a regenerating creature.

For reference, here's a more traditional Strength vs. Toughness table and chart. I've capped the chart at S6 so that it's more easily comparable to the one above.

These results are much more linear, and I'm tempted to keep this as the way we handle killing models in assault. If shooting is curved, and assaults are linear in terms of results, then it gives a nice reliability boost to assaults. Making them much more deadly at the low end. But shooting would gain some reliability in wounding tougher monsters at range.

As for wounds... I don't think that we need them with this system.

Note also that these charts are for single-penetrations. I don't have numbers yet on multiple penetrations with larger pools of dice being rolled. Though if you're rolling more dice with the same kill threshold, it should get quite a bit easier to take tough targets down.


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