Friday, November 9, 2012

Church Part 2 Take 2

New Path of Enlightenment, GhostWriterSociety
O_N here. Today, I'm covering the actual beliefs of the Church. And I'm gonna get it right this time, dangit!

The central tenant of Church doctrine is that any species can find victory and success through unity and hard work and the rejection of pride and decadence. This method is known as The Way. While harsh at times, the Way provided Man with newfound feelings of relevance and hope, in an age where both were in short supply.

The task of The Prophets (as uncorruptible beings with knowledge of both The Way and the failings of the Colserans) is to lead Mankind along The Way and to protect them from the corrupting influence of the Colser. The Prophets are supported in their endeavors by the Fidelis, non-Prophets who have achieved rank in the Church through service, and by the Church-Borgs, cybernetically augmented humans who run vital systems throughout the Imperial Republic.

The vast majority of Church ritual and structure is merely a extension of these tenants. The ritual scarring and decades of silent service spent by Prophets and Fidelis weeds out Colseran serves both to express their humility and to weed out Colseran spies. The original Church-Borgs (Hi-borgs) were created to insert Human minds into systems that would otherwise be completely automated, keeping
Man from growing dependent on Artificial Intelligences, as the Colserans have (the Lo-borgs were developed later upon the realization that converting undesirables to low-functioning 'borgs was cheaper than building robots or risking valuable Hi-borgs).

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