Friday, November 23, 2012

Hybrid Movement?

The Real Jackalope, Leah Saulnier
Ok, so here's a crazy idea I have that could be pretty cool. What if we were to combine our original bubble-movement idea with the traditional model-by-model movement method to create a hybrid system that uses both?

For an Advance Action (move and shoot), we just move the model and then plop the other models in the unit down anywhere around him anywhere within 6".

If you're standing in the open, then a static action (Rally?) could allow you to spread out anywhere within 12" of the leader. You'd still only be able to extend 6" into Area Terrain though.

This used to lead to the "Why should I care about my unit's formation, and not just blob up?" problem. But Enfilades, Point Fire, and grenades have the potential to solve that nicely. In fact, I see unit formation being so important that we won't want to worry about if individual models have the movement to reach a proper firing line position. Just measure the leader and put down the models. Individual models can be assumed to have the ability to catch up with a walking leader/unit if they're not being asked to run flat out.

Now... If you move At The Double, then you don't use the bubble system. You move each model individually just like you would in traditional 40K. Because you're throwing organization to the wind in an effort to move quickly. So your leader doesn't get to dictate perfect formations, and nobody can double-time it in order to reach his ordered position because everyone's running.

Since you can't move through Area Terrain ATD, then it also places constraints on your ability to move forward ATD. Since you don't want to let an enemy unit or gun team get an enfilading shot on you.

The details will need work, but the more I think about this hybrid approach, the more I like it.


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