Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Final Observation Page: Unit Cover

Here's the last page of Observation rules that explain how hard and soft cover work in the game. Mr. Camo-Head appeared in an earlier page, but he's been swapped out there and moved here because he's the best image I have to suggest Hard Cover with.


Each section is going to end with a page of special rules specific to that section. The ones I have for Observation right now are just some quick ideas...

  1. Stealth (Running doesn't cause them to be detected)
  2. Active Camo/ThermOptics (Model is one level less visible than normal)
  3. Enhanced Senses (All observed units count as spotted, Active Camo units spot normally)
  4. Situational Awareness (Models with this rule share targeting data, if one spots you, they all spot you.)
Any other suggestions?

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