Monday, July 27, 2015

New Rule For Casualty Allocation

O_N's grammar correction to a rule that might apply to a combined target unit (because enemy units in coherency are now treated as one unit when shot at), gave me an idea for a new rule to increase the number of allocation dice rolled by the shooter against combined targets. AND... that an officer in a combined unit could be chosen as a casualty in exchange for three 5+ results, instead of the normal 2 for the unit leader.


Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but what was supposed to be a kid-free (church day-camp) several days to concentrate on the game last week turned into me having to deal with a sick kid (strep throat), parental insurance shenanigans requiring copious documentation/arguments, and other headaches instead.

This week isn't going to be much better because of Gencon, the painting I need to do on my Flames army for 2 tournaments there, and some family obligations. But I should be back to chewing through the Assault Phase in force by next week. :)

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