Thursday, July 2, 2015

The New Action Phase, Part 1

On to the Shooting Action Phase... With all the visibility stuff removed, this section should go quick.

I've gone with "Action" Phase because 3 of the 5 things that you can do in it don't involve shooting. I also thought up a clever way to eliminate the separate "Overwatch" Phase that I had outlined previously. Instead, Overwatch is an action that basically lets you hold off acting until a lower initiative level – but your unit loses 1 point of initiative every time you hit the pause button. :)

Also notable is that if you don't declare your unit as assaulting, you won't get to charge into combat during the Assault Phase, or consolidate after being charged. So you'll be forced to choose between shooting all your non-assault weapons at a nearby threat, or preparing for their charge.

Which nicely wraps defensive fire into the Action Phase itself, meaning that the Assault Phase will be pure melee again. But fast, because unless you tie in your morale checks, there will only be one round of combat before someone runs.


Off to work on the kids treehouse for a bit... :)

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