Friday, January 15, 2016

More Than Just A Tweak This Time...

Well here's a couple of hard-thought pages, 80% of which is new, or heavily re-worked rules for how coherency command works in WarStrike. I want players to have the ability to 'drop' models as they move, so that required some explanations for when that can happen, and how those models are allowed to move when they try and get back to their unit.

I kept it pretty darn liberal compared to Flames of War (which is much more strict/complicated about this stuff). There's no 'must do this' anywhere (just a possible initiative penalty), and as long as Out-Of-Command models move closer to their unit leader they can zig-zag and take their time getting back.

Coherency Command distance is also based on the target size of the model. So it's 4" normally, while small targets are 2", and large ones (like tanks) are 8".

I also clarified how reserves come on, and what Initiative they'll have.

Apart from image optimizations, there's only a few tweaks at the end of the section for movement.


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