Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First Strokes: Unit Classes

SandWyrm here. Here's a quick post on the M42 Unit Classes.

Each type of unit in M42 belongs to a Unit Class; a categorization which broadly determines how the unit moves, shoots, and interacts with other units on the table. 


The Infantry Class includes any unit of approximately man-sized humans or aliens that fight together on foot. 

Most infantry are slow moving and fragile if caught in the open by enemy fire. But as a defensive unit, they are unmatched in both their ability to negotiate difficult terrain and to make the best use of available cover to protect themselves. If an enemy infantry unit is allowed to dig in on an objective, you will have a very hard time shooting them off of it!

Jump Infantry

Some infantry units are able to use technology such grav-belts, rocket packs, dimensional portals, or even super-powerful alien legs to leap across the field quickly in a series of large hops. This allows them to quickly get where they’re needed most; by easily passing over or through any obstacle in their path.

While far more mobile than ordinary infantry, there are limits on what a unit of Jump Infantry is allowed to carry with it. They’re also far less able to take advantage of cover. Since their jump gear is much more bulky than what a normal infantryman carries, it’s easier to spot them at range; even when they’re hiding.


The Cavalry class covers any unit made up of ridden animals, such as men on horses. Or alien creatures such as Centaurs that combine the physical features of both a man and a beast of burden.

These units have special rules that govern how they move and what happens to their animals if the unit dismounts.

Monstrous Creatures

This class covers unit made up of any creature that is too large to be classified as either infantry or cavalry. Typically this class will cover monsters such as giant insects, mutated humans/aliens, or large mechanical creations that are piloted by smaller creatures. All of which are as big as a battle tanks!


A swarm is any unit made up of hundreds or even thousands of small creatures working together as one. By their nature, these units are both highly mobile and very difficult to fight with bullets or knives. Yet they are quite vulnerable to blast, flame, and other area effect weapons. 


This is a huge class that covers all sorts of mobile machines. From simple cars or trucks to tanks and self-propelled guns of all kinds.

(end rules)

So 'Infantry' will cover bikes as well. 'Jump Infantry' will cover jet bikes. All large Walkers will be Monsterous creatures. Vehicles is the one I'd like to separate out more, but I can't figure out a good way to do it. Because they'll all work pretty much the same way.


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