Thursday, May 24, 2012

Concept: New Turn Structure

Spinning Out Of The Turn, Jean Francois Paris
SandWyrm here. With the new movement and shooting discussions we've had, I think that a new turn structure is in order. So I'm updating my previous post on it. Mostly to simplify it to the minimum amount of info that we need for our initial testing.

Game Rounds

A game round is defined as the time it takes all of the players to complete a single turn. Thus a single ‘Round’ will always comprise 2 or more ‘Player Turns’.

Whenever the M42 rules refer to a ‘Round’, this always means a game round, and not an individual player turn. For all effects that last for a ‘Round’, the effect will always be considered to last from the phase of the player turn in which it started until the starting phase of that player’s next turn.

Player Turns

Within each full game round, each player will have his or her own turn during which they move and fight with their army. Whenever the M42 rules refer to a ‘Turn’, this always means a player turn, and not a complete game round.

The Turn Sequence
  1. Starting Phase
  2. Action Phase
  3. Assault Phase

The Starting Phase
  1. Check Army Morale
  2. Check Victory Conditions
  3. Attempt To Rally Units That Are Falling Back
  4. Attempt To Remove Suppression Markers
The Action Phase
  1. Select A Unit
  2. Select An Action For That Unit (if any)
  3. Perform The Unit's Selected Action.
  4. Select Another Unit Until All Have Performed Actions.
  5. Test Morale For Enemy Units That Sustain >= 50% Casualties From Shooting.
The Assault Phase
  1. Determine Assault Groups
  2. Select An Assault Group
  3. Select An Assaulting Unit
    • Roll To Hit With Assaulting Unit
    • Allocate Hits To Enemy Models
    • Roll To Penetrate (if required)
    • Roll To Kill (Str vs. Toughness)
    • Mark Or Remove Destroyed Models
    • Select Next Assaulting Unit In Group
  4. Has The Assault Group Won? Then Attacker Consolidates.
  5. If Not, Opponent Tests Morale (if hit once) And Either:
    1. Counterattacks (Return To 2), or
    2. Falls Back
  6. Victor Consolidates
  7. Return To 1 And Select Next Assault Group

(Note: Left this sort of complex, as we haven't addressed it in detail yet.)


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