Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Concept: Unit Actions And Suppression

On the No-name Height, B. Kohal
Sandwyrm here. Ok, so we are moving towards new movement and shooting mechanics that just scream for tearing up our current turn structure and replacing it with a system where all of a unit's actions are done at once. Like Warmachine does (or so I hear). So here's what I'm thinking of doing.

The Action Phase

Instead of separate Movement and Shooting phases, we'll combine them into a single 'Action Phase' instead. Each unit will (normally) get 2 Order Points. With which they can choose their Action when they're activated. Each unit may only choose one action from the following 2 lists, regardless of how many points they have available.

One-Point Actions:
  1. Halt (Redeploy Around Leader)
  2. Move (Leader Moves 6")
  3. Shoot (No Modifiers To BS)
(And yes, I'm considering making all moves standard again and dropping the Movement (Mv) stat. With special rules for Exceptions. Vehicles would move 12"/24" as standard.)

Two-Point Actions:
  1. Halt And Then Shoot
  2. Move And Then Shoot (-1 BS)
  3. Shoot (-1 BS) And Then Move
  4. Move At The Double (12" Move, No Shooting)
  5. Volley Fire (No Movement or Redeployment, +1 BS)

When a unit scores at least one penetrating hit on another, then the target unit gains one suppression marker. Unarmored units are considered to be penetrated automatically when hit for this rule.

A unit loses one Order Point per suppression marker. So a unit with 2 markers cannot move or shoot at all when it's activated.

But... when a unit is activated, you can attempt to remove it's suppression markers. Simply roll one die per marker. If you roll equal to or under the unit's Nerve (Nv) characteristic, then that marker is removed. If enough markers are removed to allow the unit to do something, then it can immediately select an action.

If there are 3 or more markers remaining after the unit attempts to remove them, the unit will have to pass a Nv test or be forced to fall back. Falling back units that fail to rally (Ld test) at the beginning of their next turn will be considered destroyed.


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