Sunday, January 11, 2015

Infantry Weapons & Their Effects (1943)

I ran across this old American training film from 1943 that does a nice (and retrospectively entertaining) job of running down the various anti-infantry/anti-tank/anti-aircraft weapons available to US infantry during WWII. This being a film made during a war, all of the targets are, of course, Germans. With all of the patriotic "oh yeah" relish one would expect every time they're killed. Oftentimes hilariously as the actors clutch their middles and keel forward.

There's also a lot of good information though, about each weapon, grenade, and gun type. 40K gets a lot of flack sometimes for being something of a Sci-Fi cross between WWI & WWII. But there's some weapons depth shown here that has never really appeared in GW's games, or even Battlefront's Flames of War. The difference between a smoke grenade, and a white phosphorous smoke grenade, for instance, is quite interesting.

Part One: Anti-Infantry Weapons

Part Two: Anti-Tank/Anti-Air Weapons

Right now I'm working up a rough list of weapon classes (with some more modern ones included), their basic stats, and an idea of what kinds of special rules/effects might apply to each. This will go in tandem with a final pass on the Shooting Phase rules; as I clean up the layout, tweak the language to match some insights gleaned from the Melee Phase, and incorporate some thoughts that arise from my weapons research.


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