Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Linking LD To A Unit's Current Initiative

Been thinking about the whole floating initiative idea some more. I've talked previously about adding a unit's current IN to their LD when rolling tests. But looking at this chart makes me think that we could just go with a version of our original LD/Nerve split. Where Nerve is replaced by a unit's current initiative, and LD just determines how many dice you get to roll to try and have at least one come up equal to or less than the current initiative.

Here's the raw numbers to 2 decimal points:

A LD 2 unit going into the game with IN 5 would (if required to test) have a 75% chance of passing a LD test. If they fall to IN 1, they still have almost a 1-in-5 chance of passing, assuming that they haven't lost their leader.

I'm thinking that 2 LD dice would be the standard. Add a third die for officers, and maybe a 4th for extra special something or others. Do it that way and we don't need an explicit LD characteristic in the stat line.


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