Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Taking Another Shot At Weapon Ranges

After our last test, I found myself wanting to tighten up the weapon ranges a bit. I also need to work out the costing of those ranges and their associated special rules. So I've worked up a new range chart for most of the major weapons that the human factions will use.

You might remember the above chart, where I took real-world range data, converted it to 28mm scale inches, and then curved that result so that the game range would drop off more sharply as the real range increased. Scaled so that the 48" width of a standard game table represented the typical infantry engagement range of real-world battles.

Well, I adjusted the curve to reduce that typical engagement range to 36" instead.  Then I boosted all weapons by 8" to make pistols usable. Finally, I tweaked those values to fit into a range table that's broken up into 8" bands instead of the previous 6" bands I'd been using.

FYI: I'll probably be changing the standard human movement value to 8".

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So here it is. Whereas we have been adding +1 to the target's evasion at ranges over 12", I've changed that to a +1 at 16" or less, and a -1 at anything beyond 48". Shouldn't be too hard to remember that.

And while a LOT of the heavy weapons that we're used to using in 40K are still so long-ranged as to be considered "off-table", I've marked the scale minimum range for mortars, and the minimum range at which tank shells arm themselves after leaving the barrel. Which, particularly with the latter, introduces interesting tactical problems. :)


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