Sunday, January 18, 2015

Armor Values & Weapon Penetrations

Since I need to properly work up a new set of armor/penetration stats for our switch to a D10 system, I've created a couple of charts that show the armor save chart with typical weapons and armor types added as I see them happening. That way we have a basis for discussion.

Ranged Weapon Chart (click to enlarge)

In general, I see most "standard" infantry guns being AP3. It might seem strange to see a Minigun there, but it actually just fires standard rifle bullets. As do Light Machine Guns (LMGs). These just fire a lot MORE of those bullets at a time than the battle rifles do.

Lasers would have a bit less punch (an ongoing theme I'm setting up), but would be more accurate, possibly with an alternate fire mode that would let them 'stack' their AP if they can hold the beam steady. While the electrically fired 'pulse' bullet weapons would be a step up from gunpowder. Think hand-held rail-gun.

That dotted line, in case you haven't already noticed, is boundary between things that would be vulnerable to small arms fire, and those that wouldn't. As such, Ar 8 becomes the lowest value that any armored vehicle should have.

If you think about the sides and rear of an APC like the M113, or your standard armored Humvee, then Ar 8 would best represent this level of protection.

Melee Weapon Chart (click to enlarge)
Here's the same chart with Melee Weapons listed instead.


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