Friday, January 25, 2013

General Shooting Stuff, Unit Rules

I'm currently working on a lot of spreadsheet stuff, in order to set up some comparisons for balancing. As part of that I'm generating a list of ranged weapons and their rules. I'll break these up into multiple posts for comment. Here's the first one.

General Shooting Stuff

To-Hit Modifiers
When shooting at a unit, the target gains +1 Evasion for each of the following:
  • Long Range
  • Concealment
  • Gone To Ground
  • Hidden
  • Each Suppression Marker The Firing Unit Has
'Hidden' means that the model can't be physically seen when you get down to do a true line of sight test. Such as a model that's on the other side of a building or ruin's wall from the firing model. Moveable trees/rocks within a piece of Area Terrain can't hide a model. Only Building Walls, Ruin Walls, tall point obstacles, or hills tall enough to block LoS to the model. Hidden models are also always Concealed.

Armor Penetration & Firepower Modifiers
All weapons will normally lose 1 point of both AP and FP when hitting targets at long range.

Snap Fire
Units moving at an Advance shoot at 1/2 their normal RoF (rounded down).

Human Shield
Units containing Hostages can only be Snap-Fired at, and may not be targeted with any kind of Area Effect weapon if the template touches any part of the Hostage.

If a unit targets a model within 2" of the hostage, the target unit gains +1 Ev.

Unit Special Rules

When moving at an Advance, the unit may shoot at it's full RoF, but the target unit gains +1 Ev.

Thoughts? Any additions we should make?

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