Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Second Exfiltration Test

I managed to get a game in at the Game Preserve North tonight. At least until my wife called to say that one of my boys had cut his chin open and had to go to the hospital. :(

We played the Exfiltration mission.

Apart from forgetting to deploy the point obstacles, the game went very smoothly. Chris, who I played, said he had fun and dug the mechanics. Even though he ran his guys out in the open, 40K style, and got hammered pretty hard. But now he knows better. :)

Interest was pretty strong from the other players at the store, who were playing GW's Hobbit wargame a bit half-heartedly. It's too bad I couldn't stay and get another game in. Chris' friend really wanted to try our game out too.

As for the game...

The stats definitely need some re-balancing. Which I'll get to this week. We uncovered a couple of minor issues with the mission itself concerning the hostage. I think he needs to increase the holding unit's Ev by 1. I'm also considering changing when his 'Hold On To Him!" move happens.

Other than that though, the mission really seems solid.

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