Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weapon Types, Shot Types

Here's part 2 of my ideas for the Ranged Weapon Special Rules.

Weapon Types

Pretty much our standard infantry weapon. No special rules.

Can fire full RoF when moving in an Advance action. Can Snap Fire when the unit moves At The Double. Only gets 1 shot in Close Combat, unless it is also an Assault Weapon.
Can't fire on the move unless Stabilized.
See 'Grenade' below. Still working on sorting the classifications logically. :)

Weapon Shot Types

Weapon shoots bullets. When measuring ranges, Slug weapons measure diagonally when shooting at targets on a higher level (small range penalty for shooting up at something). But measure horizontally when measuring to lower targets.

Weapon shoots light, or other 'energy' beams. When measuring ranges, Lasers always measure horizontally at targets higher or lower than them.

Laser shots also don't receive the normal +1 Ev penalty for shooting at long range.

Weapon shoots balls of charged particles whose energy dissipates rapidly. Plasma weapons measure diagonally at targets that are either higher or lower than them (small range penalty for higher & lower targets).

Plasma weapons also receive double the normal AP & Str penalty for Long Range Shots.

Weapon is tossed at the foe. Grenade Weapons use the Units 'Throw' (Th) characteristic for range. Can be thrown in an Open Fire, or Advance action. But the model(s) throwing the grenade may not move during the action.

For every full 4" of range to the target, the target unit also gains +1 Evasion against the Grenade shots.

Rate of Fire Effects

Rapid Fire
Unit may pay 1 Suppression Marker to double the RoF of all Rapid Fire Weapons during that action. Target units gain an extra +1 Evasion if at long range (makes it slightly worse to RF at long range than for shooting normally).

Weapon gets full RoF in Close Combat.

Weapon may halve it's RoF (Rounded Down) to add +1 to both it's AP and FP. If RoF is 1 (because of Snap Firing, for instance), then the weapon may only shoot normally.

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