Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mission Concept: Broken Arrow

Somewhere near the battle lines, a light cargo lifter from your side has mysteriously crashed. Unfortunately, it happened to be carrying a highly dangerous strategic weapon prototype, and the crash site is accessible to both sides. This weapon of mass destruction cannot be allowed to fall into enemy hands! Your mission is to find the crash site and secure it before an enemy force can do the same.


Like 'Meeting Engagement', this is another fairly straightforward mission that will be light on the terrain requirements. It's also a mission that should encourage a lot of Close-Combat action as both sides close in on the objectives. The name "Broken Arrow" refers to the US Army's code name for an accidental loss of a nuclear weapon. In this case one "lost in transit with or without it's carrying vehicle". Thematically, it's the perfect mission for a small group of cobbled-together special forces like those in our game. :)


Each player rolls a die, and the winner becomes the First Deployer. The First Deployer chooses a long table edge for their deployment. The loser becomes the 2nd Deployer and takes the other long table edge.

Each player, starting with the Second Deployer, now places one objective within the Debris Field (see diagram above).

Each player then, starting with the First Deployer, alternates placing up to 3 point obstacles anywhere on the table that is not within the opponent's deployment zone or within 4" of an objective or already placed terrain feature.

Starting with the Second Deployer, both players now choose half of their units (rounded down) as their initial deployed force. The rest of their units will go into normal reserve (one die on turn 1, two dice on turn 2, etc.). When these units come on, they may do so from anywhere on the player's long table edge.

Starting with the First Deployer, both players now alternate placing their on-table units. Once this is complete, each player will roll a die. The winner will be the Attacker.

First Turn & Objectives

The Attacker gets the first turn. During which the Defender's units will count as having Gone-To-Ground until the start of the Defender's first turn.

The objective for both players is to seize one of the two objectives within the Debris Field. Controlling either objective at the start of the player's turn will win the mission.

Either player can also win the mission by destroying enough of the enemy's units to force a Task Force Morale Check. If the enemy has no Officers left in their Task Force to take the check, then they will automatically fail the check and lose the game.

There is no turn limit to the mission. You play until one side or the other meets it's objectives.


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