Monday, February 11, 2013

A Name For The Game

I've been pondering what to call our game for over a year now. Since 'M42' was only ever the name of the project to create the game. Various ideas came and went. But now... I've finally decided on one. A name that's short, memorable, and which helps convey the game's focus on smaller, platoon-sized forces. While also having the near-obligatory 'War' as part of the name.

And there it is. :)

There will also be a terminology change from 'Task Forces' in the rules to 'Strike Forces' instead. Communicating that this is not a game where armies clash in regular battles. But rather heroic clashes of selected elite troops performing special missions. Leading the charge at an important point in a battle, seizing stargates, rescuing hostages, recovering lost artifacts, etc.

There's also a pretty decent secondary meaning to the word 'Strike' in regards to the current Sci-Fi wargame status quo. Which I like.


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