Thursday, February 28, 2013

Infantry, Tanks, & Evasion

Let's break up the relentless rules updates with something that's more fun to talk about. TANKS! Or, at least, one way in which they're going to be quite different from infantry.

The big problem with vehicles in 40K is that there's little differentiation between how they, and infantry, fire. So because of other factors, we get the "Infantry kills tanks, tanks kill infantry" split in 40K. Which we're all familiar with. But... why should it be that way? In real life, the best thing to kill a tank with is another tank. While the best thing to kill infantry with is other infantry.

So how can we make this happen in WarStrike without making big changes to our system?

Easy. We raise the BS and Evasion of Infantry compared to tanks.

Here's some rough numbers to crunch on:

And for those just joining us, here's the comparison chart to figure out what you'd need to hit:

So a battle tank would have a very easy time hitting another battle tank. Since BS 3 vs. Ev 1 would be a 2+ to hit. But it's going to have a very hard time hitting infantry with it's main gun. While infantry will hit tanks easily, but their guns will be a lot weaker. For the static infantry anti-tank guns, their BS would be lower, but a bit higher than a tank's.

Infantry vs. Infantry would work out the same, just with higher stat numbers than we're using now.

Anti-personnel weapons on a tank could get a special rule that doubles their BS. So the machine gun on the front of a battle tank could hit Laansguard in the open on a 4+ or a 5+.


I'm not wedded to these numbers, but they give us a place to start in our discussions.

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