Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Testing: Broken Arrow

CaulynDarr and I had a nice little test game yesterday, where we took another go at the Broken Arrow mission.

For this mission, I decided to go with the old deployment map. Although we pushed the left edge of the debris field 6" to the right to put more space between the deployment zones and the objectives. After playing, we decided that there needed to be a bit more space. It will probably be a compromise between this old map and the one that's currently linked to the mission description at right. This one is too close, and the newer one is too spread out.

We did manage to turn up an interesting gameplay situation.

Let's say that you have a unit on an objective that's taken a LOT of enemy fire. As in, maxed-out suppression markers. In the current rules, that unit doesn't take a Ld check until they try to perform an action in their own action phase. So you'll win the game at the beginning of your turn, before you ever roll for actions, even though this unit would be super-likely to have to fall back if you did.

We decided that wasn't right/fair. So we came up with the following fix: If a unit is already maxed out on suppression, but takes another suppression marker, then they should be forced to pass a Ld check or fall back right there in the opponent's action phase.

Other than that though, the game went very smoothly. The mechanics feel pretty mature, and WarStrike really feels like a game now. What's more, Close-Combat has become important enough that we we're talking about how Dragoon sergeants really do need a power weapon instead of a rifle. Shooting just isn't enough for them.

Cool! :)

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