Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New iBook/PDF Layout

I've been kind of quiet lately, but that's because I've been working on the iBook layout for the rules. Thanks to a new version of iBooks Author, we can finally have a portrait page layout. So everyone who wasn't all that crazy about the horizontal layout (including me) can rejoice!

The change did require an OS upgrade to Mountain Lion, and a re-creation of the previous book's layouts and backgrounds in a new portrait orientation. But that's over with now, and I'm currently concentrating on how the chapters will be structured within the book.

Should Movement & Shooting have their own chapters? Or should they be rolled into the Action Phase chapter? But that means that the Action Phase chapter would be huge. Dunno yet. :)

Oh, and for those joining us, there will be a non-iBook PDF which will be exported from the same program. It won't have the same interactive features as the iPad-only iBook, but it will work on any device that can display a PDF.


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