Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Setting An Agenda For Our Discussions

Watchwood has asked that I post some sort of list of design subjects that we'll be discussing and when. Here's a preliminary list based on my own design notes...

  1. Preliminary Assumptions Going Forward
    1. Basic Turn Sequence (generated from discussion of #1)
  2. Discussion of overall project goals
  3. How we're going to deal with GW trademarks, etc.
    1. What the law dictates
    2. GW's trademarks, rights, etc.
    3. How we'll make a good faith effort not to infringe
  4. Definitions of basic Races/Factions so that our system supports the important differences
  5. Discussion of basic dice mechanics (hit/wound/whatever)
  6. How to overhaul Leadership (going to be big, with lots of offshoots)
  7. How we want heros to work
  8. Overall balancing of unit complexity/interaction compared to 40K and Warpath
    1. Infantry
    2. Tanks
  9. Elimination of needless randomness
  10. Introduction of efficiencies to reduce play time
  11. Increasing flavor/character of factions
  12. High Level Phase by Phase breakdown and discussion
    1. Deployment
    2. Reserves
    3. Movement
    4. Shooting
    5. Assault
  13. Definition of Unit Types...
That's as far as my notes go for now. There is an order, but it's not set in stone. Some complex items may get broken down into multiple posts. How long it takes to get through a subject will depend on the discussions. If there is a lot of agreement on something, then we'll proceed quickly. But if interesting concerns or options are raised, a particular point might take a while. We may also visit a subject at a high level early on, and then return to that subject later to hammer out specific details.

At this stage I want to stay focused enough to keep us moving, but flexible enough that we don't rush too fast past important discussions.


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