Sunday, April 29, 2012

Odds And Ends

Painting Stuff Still Life; Limone_02
SandWyrm here. I've done some re-organizing and just want to update everyone on the changes.

I've given all of the authors the power to post articles independently.

Oblivion_Necroninja has been added to the authoring team as the Fluff Marshal. He'll head up the creation of the M42 universe from here on.

TheDaR is now the Game Design Lead. For now, I'm still writing the first draft of the rules, but he'll take over more responsibility for polishing the rules as the project progresses.

Watchwood is now the Codex Lead. He'll keep track of the gameplay ideas we generate about the factions and prepare basic lists for when we're ready to start testing the rules.

I'll be updating the Development Notes later this week or next.

I'm also working on a logo. It looks great so far!

That's pretty much it. Keep up the good work everyone! And as always: THANK YOU for helping out. Everyone that comments is an important part of the team. Helping us refine the ideas that will make this game shine!

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