Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rules: Shooting Overview (Ver 0.15)

Sandwyrm here. In continuing to work on the shooting rules, I've broken up the sections some and will be revising what I did in my last post. This is the overview, which fleshes out the first part of the last post better, and introduces things more cleanly. But it doesn't have a lot of specifics, which will come later.

Action Phase: Shooting

As you and your opponent’s forces close in on one another, the air will vibrate and thunder with the reports of your shots. Lasers will silently cut through the stillness like glittering knives, and luminous bolts of heated plasma will boil away anything that stands in their path. Welcome to Shooting!

Who Can Shoot?

Any of your units that has ranged weapons or powers, and which has chosen to perform an action that allows shooting, may fire it’s ranged weapons at the enemy.

Actions That Allow Shooting

When selecting a unit in the Action Phase, you will then choose an action based on what you wish the unit to do, and how many suppression markers the unit has. The following actions allow will you to shoot. Either before, after, or instead of moving.
  1. Open Fire
  2. Halt And Fire
  3. Shooting Advance
  4. Focus Fire
The Shooting Sequence

After you have selected an action for a unit that allows you to shoot, the process itself is very straightforward.
  1. Select Your Target(s)
  2. Check Line Of Sight
  3. Check For Concealment
  4. Check Range
  5. Roll Your Shots
    • Roll To Hit
    • Roll To Penetrate
    • Roll To Kill
  6. Remove Dead Models

1. Select Your Targets

In order to fire your unit’s weapons, you must first select targets for each of the unit’s models.

2. Check Line Of Sight

Your models will also need to be able to ‘see’ their target. Obviously, your models will not be able to tell you if they can see their foes, so you will have to determine this yourself using the Line of Sight rules.

3. Check For Concealment

If your target is hiding within or behind a piece of terrain, then you’ll have a harder time hitting them with your shots. Particularly if they’re not moving or shooting themselves. These rules are covered in the Concealment Section.

4. Check Range

Even if your unit can see an enemy model, your weapons may not be able to reach the enemy’s position. Shooting into or out of an elevated position can also affect how far certain kinds of shots can travel.

5. Roll Your Shots

Once you have determined that you can see the enemy, and determined that your weapons are able to reach your target, it’s time to roll some dice

First, you will roll to see if you hit the enemy. Then you will roll to see if your shots can penetrate their armor, if any. Finally, you will roll one more time to see if your shots have done enough damage to your targets to kill any of them.

6. Remove Dead Models

If you do kill or destroy some enemy models with your shooting, your opponent will need to remove them from play. Some models though, will have to remain where they are. Either because their wreck/carcass can provide protection for other models, or for other gameplay reasons.

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