Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Finalizing The Strength Vs. Toughness System

Starship Troopers, Maronski
Ok, so we want to have the idea of needing multiple hits from low-strength weapons to kill high-toughness targets. But we really don't want our players having to do a bunch of division and conditional tests in their head. Else we might as well have a die roll. So how about this?

To recap our tentative shooting sequence:
  1. Roll To Hit (BS vs. Ev, or WS vs. WS)
  2. Strength vs. Toughness Determines How Many Armor Saves To Roll (Chart Below)
  3. Defender Rolls Armor Saves (Armor vs. Penetration)
When shooting, rolls of 6 followed by another 6, always hit.
When rolling saves, a defender 1, followed by an attacker 6, lets the attacker allocate the wound.

So if you have 12 S2 Rifle hits on a T5 target, that's 2 armor saves that have to be rolled. Any extra hits are discarded.

I'm thinking that this should be easy enough for players to work out in their head. While it also...

Recreates that feeling of pouring round-after-round of small caliber fire into a large target and not doing much, even though your bullets are going right through it's armor.


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