Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rules: Unit Characteristics (Ver. 0.5)

Here's the revamped descriptions for the four Unit Characteristics. Which have been separated from the 8 Model Characteristics. Which are coming next.

Unit Characteristics
Each unit of models in M42 has four characteristics that define the abilities shared by all the models in that unit. These are collectively known as Unit Characteristics. As opposed to Model Characteristics, which, as the name suggests, are individual to each type of model within a unit.
The four Unit Characteristics are:
1.    Movement (Mv)
2.    Awareness (Aw)
3.    Leadership (Ld)
4.    Nerve (Nv)
Certain rules or wargear may modify a unit’s characteristics during the game. Thus these characteristics might have 1 or more points either added to, or subtracted from, their characteristic during a particular test. The characteristic may even be multiplied or divided. However these modifications may never take a characteristic value below zero.
If a rule causes a unit’s characteristics to be doubled or halved, this change is always applied before any other modifiers are added or subtracted.
Movement (Mv)
A unit’s Mv characteristic defines how far, in inches, the models within a unit can move at a quick walk or jog during a single turn.
Awareness (Aw)
A unit’s Awareness represents the distance within which it is able to both perceive hidden enemies and most effectively use it’s ranged weapons. Beyond this range, it’s much easier for enemies to avoid being noticed and to dodge the unit’s shots.
Leadership (Ld)
A unit’s Leadership characteristic represents the ability of it’s leader to focus his troops‘ attention and prod them forward when they’d much rather stay put and keep their heads down.  
Nerve (Nv)
A unit’s Nerve represents it’s collective spirit, or morale, during a battle. If the unit takes enough enemy fire, their Nv will be reduced and they’ll be less likely to follow your orders. If their Nv is reduced far enough, they may even flee from combat.

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